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Mountain Ridge

Kairos Recovery Program


Our Evidence-based and holistic  approach emphasizes the powerful role our mind, thoughts, and words play on our emotions, behaviors, and overall psychological well being. This course will empower individuals to reshape negative thought patterns, gain emotional mastery & resilience, develop effective problem-solving skills, overcome limited beliefs, and use the transformative power of our thoughts to create a healthy and meaningful life.


The body is a gateway into the mind. The way we treat our body is a direct correlation to what our
mind is going through. An unhealthy body is a reflection of an unhealthy mind. Stress, anxiety, and negative emotions can create detrimental effects on your physical well-being. Weakening immune systems, cardiovascular issues, and nerve pain.  Through Kairos Fitness and Nutrition your not just creating a new physical YOU, but creating the healing power of mind-body connection. 


At Kairos Recovery, we firmly believe that recovery from trauma begins with empowerment. Our approach recognizes the strength within each individual. Kairos Recovery is a transformative journey, not merely focused on healing from past traumas but crafting resilience for the unpredictable challenges life may present. It goes beyond scars, guiding individuals to a state of profound strength, equipped to face any adversity with courage and wisdom. It's about forging an unbreakable spirit, not just mending wounds, ensuring that each step forward is fortified against the uncertainties of tomorrow.


Together, yoga and meditation offer a dual pathway to recovery. Yoga strengthens the body, enhances flexibility, and releases tension, while meditation cultivates mental resilience, clarity, and emotional balance. In the journey of recovery, the echoes of past traumas and negative thoughts become overwhelming. Our yoga/meditation class helps you learn the art of stilling the mind and the power of mind-body connection.


Kairos Peer Groups are a sanctuary where individuals, bound by common struggles, come together not just to share stories but to be living proof of resilience. The power lies in the authenticity of those who’ve walked similar paths.  In a peer support group, recovery isn’t just a solitary journey; it’s a communal triumph where the strength of one becomes the inspiration for many. Our Peer Support Specialist's create the environment where vulnerability is strength, resilience is built, and empathy is power.


Our Recovery/Life coaches are specifically selected to match the client with their shared experience. This allows the coach to tailor their guidance to the specific needs, triggers, and strengths of the person in recovery. This personalized approach significantly enhances the effectiveness of the coaching process, as it speaks directly to the unique needs of the individual’s journey. The Life skills developed empower you to not just overcome addiction but to build a life rich in purpose.  

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