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About Us

The Kairos Recovery & Behavioral Health Center Journey

Kairos Recovery & Behavioral Health Center was founded by Troy Harris while he himself was in a recovery program. Troy fought his battle with addiction, and mental and behavioral health issues for most of his adult life.  It wasn't until he realized he was fighting for his life, that he needed help.  Troy checked himself into  Recovery where he adapted the truth about recovery and how it starts with the re-discovery of your mind, extraordinary value of a whole person change, which ends with the unconditional love for yourself that ultimately saved his life. Troy saw the undeniable need for this in his community and surrounding communities.  He not only adapted the truth of recovery but the belief that every person is capable of regaining their power and relieving their suffering giving them the life they always deserved.  Troy found like-minded people with the same passion and philosophy to create what Kairos Recovery is today and will be for his community...HOPE.  Kairos Recovery will continue to fight side by side with you and your loved ones and instill hope back into their lives and the community.

Meet The Team

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