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Addiction & Recovery Program

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Consultation & Assessment

A private meeting with a Kairos professional staff member to assess the current severity of the individual to recommend and ensure a recovery plan and recovery coach(es) that best-fit the client's needs.


Recovery Plan

An intensive-outpatient program with one-on-one sessions a minimum of twice per week. Each recovery plan is based on the core principals of recovering the person as a whole. Weekly sessions include both mental/emotional/behavioral transformation and physical and spiritual well-being.

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Whole-Person Recovery

Each program is co-created and includes:

trauma-informed coaching, lifestyle transformation, cognitive behavioral transformation, physical wellness, spiritual wellness, life skills development, and self-love development. 


After Care & Long-term Planning

Long-term planning to maintain sobriety, continue life skills development, reach personal goals, and stay connected to the Kairos community. All Kairos clients have access to alumni resources and weekly peer groups.

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Get Started with the Kairos Addiction & Recovery Program

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