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Partner Recovery Program

Kairos Partner recovery program offers a lifeline to relationships struggling with various issues, be it addiction, communication breakdowns, emotional trauma, or trust issues. In This program provide a safe and supportive environment where couples can address their problems openly and work towards rebuilding their bond and recovering what is missing or lost.



Consultation &
Recovery Planning

Through the consultation Kairos Coaches will assess each individuals struggles, needs, and expectations of the program to co-create the most effective Recovery Plan.


Finding Yourself

Karios coaches understand that in order to Recover the partnership, they must concentrate on recovering the clients individually before bringing their journeys together. This process allows each partner to focus on their own personal growth and healing, which ultimately contributes to the overall health and success of the partnership.



The Journey Together

Once both partners are ready the focus shifts towards enhancing the partnerships dynamics, communication, trust, and mutual values. This includes; conflict resolution coaching, building trust and intimacy, exploring roles and expectations, and boundaries. 


Goals & Long-term Success!

To ensure long-term success and effective after-care, Kairos coaches co-create along side the clients a tailored plan which includes; clarifying shared visions and values, strengthening communication skills, cultivating individual growth and support, creating healthy routines, celebrating each others achievements, and maintaining connection and romance.


Get Started with the Kairos Partner Recovery Program

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