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Youth Program

Kairos Recovery coaches and life coaches offers evidence-based and holistic support to young individuals who are navigating challenges related to addiction, mental health, or other behavioral health issues. Through lived experience and relativity of the Kairos staff combined with elite recovery coaching and life coaching, this program aims to empower youth to overcome social and emotional obstacles, build resilience, and create purposeful and fulfilling lives. Our youth participants will gain skills, tools, and knowledge needed to run through the storms of life and create their own personal legend.



One-on-One Recovery/Life Coaching & Planning

Youth Participants will dive into their unique transformative powers through; cognitive behavioral coaching, social coaching, emotional coaching, resilience coaching, trauma-informed coaching, goal-setting and planning, life skills development, and physical wellness coaching.


Youth Peer to Peer Group sessions

Led by Kairos coaches, our youth peer-to-peer groups offer a powerful platform for young individuals to connect, support each other, and grow together. By fostering empathy, validation, and community, these groups empower youth to overcome challenges, develop valuable life skills, and thrive in today’s complex world.



Family involvement 

Family involvement is encouraged to create a supportive network for the youth’s recovery and personal growth. Coaches work with families to improve communication, set healthy boundaries, and address family dynamics that may impact the youth’s well-being. Family members receive education and support to better understand addiction, mental health, and recovery.


Recovery & Life Planning

As youth progress through the program, coaches assist with transition planning to ensure a smooth transition to independent living, continued sobriety, personal growth, higher education, or employment. They help youth identify future goals, explore career paths, and develop a plan for continued growth and success beyond the program.


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