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Mission Statement


At Kairos Recovery we believe every person who walks through our door is 

not powerless over any addiction, mental illness, or behavioral issues they 

may be suffering from. That they in fact are powerful beyond measure and 

can be RECOVERED, and no longer must hold a stigma for the rest of their 



Our mission is to help our clients recognize this power within themselves

championing a "whole person" growth through mind, body, soul, and spirit. 

The re-discovery of oneself. Which is why we are not referring to our facility

as a rehab. Kairos Recovery does not believe that you or your loved ones are

broken or need to be rehabilitated. We do not need to fix you; we just want to

help YOU find YOU. 


Kairos Recovery doesn’t just believe in championing our clients, but also 

serving as a beacon of hope for our community, by offering family sessions, 

support groups, and educational resources. Our center will help families 

heal and navigate the challenges of addiction. The entire community 

benefits through this healing process, as we witness the restoration of 

stronger, more resilient families. By providing long-lasting and effective 

treatment and support, we help alleviate the strain on emergency rooms, 

hospitals, and prisons. With more individuals accessing our recovery center 

fewer lives are lost to overdose, and fewer resources are consumed by 

recurring addiction-related crises. This, in turn, enables our community to 

redirect valuable resources to areas such as education and public safety. 

Kairos Recovery with your help, can illuminate our community with 

compassion, resilience, and healing. Although we are a small community, 

we believe we can be powerful and united. 

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