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Kairos Recovery & Behavioral Health Center

Take back your power. Take back your life

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  • At Kairos Recovery we believe every person that walks through our doors is not powerless over any addiction, mental illness and behavioral issues they may be suffering from. That they in fact are powerful beyond measure and can be RECOVERED, and no longer have to hold a stigma for the rest of their lives. 
  • Our mission is to help our clients recognize this power within themselves championing a "whole person" growth through mind, body, soul and spirit.  The re-discovery of ones self. Which is why we are a not referring our facility as a rehab. Kairos recovery does not believe that you or your loved ones are broken or need to be rehabilitated. We do not need to fix you, we just want to help YOU find YOU.   








At Kiaros Recovery we understand for continues growth takes continues work which is why our day treatment program allows you or your loved one to take the skills and progress they have  already worked so hard for and continue to strengthen it.  Our mission is to continue the progression and reduce the chances of falling back into unhealthy habits and reduce relapse.

Although we do encourage our clients to seek an impatient program before considering our day treatment program we also understand that option may not be possible for some which is why the Kairos team will conduct a comprehensive clinical and medical assessment to better determine and design a program to ensure you or your loved one gets the best level of care on there road to being RECOVERED.  Our intensive outpatient program instills the same progression and same philosphy for those ready to transition back into society on there own 2 feet. Both Programs include group and individual therapy along with Kairos life coaching that is offered after they graduate their program to ensure continues support in there new RECOVERED life.


Our Experiential therapy is one of our holistic approaches that breaks the mold and one size fits all approach to recovery.  This type of therapy allows our clients to experience life through clear and healthy lenses, and reminds them how beautiful the world we live in truly is. Elko Nevada is filled with a beautiful surrounding and community activities that we want to share with our clients while continuing there growth through mindful experiences and unforgettable memories with their peers.  Community volenteering is essential to this service as well.  We want our clients to also experience what it means to give back which in return shows our community the true power of  support no matter what our past may have been. 



Our Kairos team believes to achieve and uptain the title of being RECOVERED you have to first believe you can and that you are. We do this by focusing on changing the thoughts and mindsets of our clients to believing that they deserve and can achieve anything they put there new found power to THERE MIND! Our minds and thoughts are our most powerful weapons when used correctly. Through our mindfulness philosophy, we believe we can help our clients harness a much deeper and fulfilling mind and body through meditative and healthy physical activities like exercise, yoga, guided meditation, and nutritional classes.

Learning these healthy habits is one thing but taking action to them and being consistent is another which is why our Psyc-ed philosophy goes hand in hand with our mindfulness practice.  Kairos Recovery wants our clients to understand the meaning of healthy habits and behaviors and why they are very much connected.  We believe that our habits are a direct correlation to who we are and who we are is a direct correlation to our habits. This is why we approach our psych-ed with the goal of making these new healthy habits permanent to ensure you and your loved ones are RECOVERED


Karios Recovery will be offering equine therapy for anyone not just coming through the program, but anyone who feels the powerful connection of what horses can do for our mental and behavioral health. Our equine therapy helps develop emotional growth, reduce anxiety, depression, and ptsd.

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All About Us

The Kairos Recovery & Behavioral Health Center Journey

Kairos Recovery & Behavioral Health Center was founded by Troy Harris while he himself was in recovery. Troy fought his battle with addiction, mental and behavioral health issues for most of his adult life.  It wasn't until he realized he was fighting for his life, that he needed help.  Troy checked himself into Wasatch Recovery in Sandy, Utah where he adapted the truth about recovery and how it starts with the re discovery of your mind and ends with the unconditional love for yourself which ultimately saved his life.   Troy saw the undeniable need for this in his community and surrounding communities.  He not only adapted the truth of recovery but the belief that every person is capable of regaining their power and relieving there suffering giving them their life they always deserved.  Troy found like minded people with the same passion and philosophy to create what Kairos recovery is today and will be for his community....HOPE.  Kairos Recovery will continue  to fight side by side with you and your loved ones and instill hope back into their lives and the community.  WE ARE COMING SOON! Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. The Kairos family is here for you!



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